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Re: scoops sources

In article <8905012306.AA13055@BLOOM-BEACON.MIT.EDU> V4110DAA@AWIUNI11.BITNET (Gerhard Eckel) writes:

>   is  there  anybody  in  the  SCHEME  community  who  could  *mail*  to  me
>(unfortunately I don't have access on ftp) the source code of SCOOPS as it is
>running on PCScheme?  I received the CSCHEME version of SCOOPS via this  list
>recently  but  I  use  PCScheme  and  I  don't  want  to  convert  it   back.
>Unfortunately PCScheme comes without the source code.

I seem to have missed the distribution of the CSCHEME version of SCOOPS.
Could some kind soul mail me said package, or indicate ftp access?


Stephen C. Pope
Santa Fe Institute