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SoftEng or CS Graduate Program Search

I would very much appreciate, on my and many other prospective
graduate students' behalf, your comments on graduate software
engineering programs.  I have been reading brochures from various
schools, collected various rankings and read a couple books about
graduate programs in software engineering or computer science. 
What I am asking for in this message are personal opinions,
observations and comments.

Which school and department do you think is a good place to study
Software Engineering or Computer Science with Software
Engineering emphasis?  Why do you think a particular department
is a good place to spend a couple years getting a Master's, and
later, a Ph.D.?  What are its strength?  What are its weaknesses? 
Where do the graduates go?  What kind of research is being
conducted?  Who (if not yourself) is a good person to contact
there?  What are other comments you would like to make that I
have not asked about?  All comments you will send will be

Let me apologize for posting this message again, and for posting
it this time to numerous newsgroups.  When I have initially
posted this request, I have offered to send summaries to any
interested person.  I have received several dozens of requests
for the summaries.  I have received a small handful of replies on
the subject.  After waiting now a considerable, for Newsnet,
time, I have decided I did not post it to the right groups; or
all the right people did not get to see this.  Thus, this second,
and final, attempt.

To those who had previously replied, my many thanks.  For those
who had requested or will request summaries, I will post them to
you after I feel reasonably certain I have received all replies
to this second posting.  To those who will reply, many, many
thanks, from me and from the numerous prospective graduate
students who will embark on more successful graduate studies
thanks to the time you take off your busy schedules to advise.

P.S. If you are so kind as to send your comments but would NOT
     want be identified in the summary, please let me know.
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