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Re: questions and comments

        * (setq x 1)

    Yeah, yeah...  I'm probably the only person in the world who likes it.  I
    added a switch which allows you to choose whether you want to be warned
    always (as now), once (the new default) or never.
No, there's actually two of us.  Being an old Lisper, used to whipping up
temporary variables on the fly, these warnings irritated me at first.  But
the warnings have saved me lots of time, and now I wouldn't like to be
without them.

My neural-net simulators have dozens of control variables that I'm always
SETQ'ing in the middle of runs.  Since the names are long and hard to
remember (is it *INPUT-EPS* or *INPUT-EPSILON* ???) and since I'm a lousy
typist, my changes wouldn't "take" in many cases, but I wouldn't find that
out until my overnight run was ruined.  Now the system barks at me when I
SETQ some variable it has never heard of before.

Try it -- you'll like it!

Actually, in the best of all possible worlds, I'd suppress the warnings on
variables with one-char and maybe two-char names, so people could still
have their beloved X's.

-- Scott