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Re: Bug report/Suggestions

  >   What I want is a way to tell the compiler what the debug-info source
  >   FILE should be, so I can use it later to find the definition.  Can you
  >   supply some hook for this (such as a variable to bind to what you want
  >   to override the debug-info with)?
  >For best results, you should use EXT:COMPILE-FROM-STREAM.  It uses the
  >same read-loop as COMPILE-FILE, and thus has the same top-level semantics.
  >COMPILE-FROM-STREAM has a :SOURCE-INFO keyword, whose value is placed in
  >the debug info to give an idea of where the source came from.  Currently,
  >the value is just the namestring of the source file, though this may change
  >as the Hemlock interface becomes more featureful.

Fixing this in my Emacs interface, I found that Hemlock doesn't use
the DEBUG-SOURCE-INFO slot when trying to find the definition of
something.  If you e.g. compile a defun in a file buffer in Hemlock
with C-x C-c, and the kill the buffer, M-x Edit Definition can't find
it.  I guess it is HI::FUN-DEFINED-FROM-PATHNAME that needs a patch.

  >   Another thing: I'm using cmucl under GNU Emacs, with a hacked ilisp
  >   interface.
  >When you come up with something reasonable, we would like to distribute it,
  >as I'm sure there are many others who would rather fight than switch.

Well, I have just been hacking at the ilisp package which originates
at CMU, so perhaps you'd better talk directly to Chris McConnell
(ccm@cs.cmu.edu).  I believe the interface to the old CMU Common Lisp
was made by Todd Kaufmann, whose email address I don't know - but
would like to know.

I do have some problems with the current interface, but they are
mostly silly technical things - the interface is basically great.

-- Bjorn