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Common Lisp Compiler

Dr. Rob MacLachlan,

  I am a senior research scientist at Sony's research laboratory.  I
would like to ask about your Common Lisp compiler called Python or
something like that.
  We are developing a symbolic computation system called Lilac, where
we first implement Common Lisp with the object system and are going to
extend it to a distributed object system.  Lilac is a
distributed-memory asynchronous message-passing multiprocessor
although currently we are making a single processing element system.
  While we are implementing a compiler, a researcher visited our
laboratory.  He, Olin Shivers, suggested that we use your compiler
system and make only machine dependent modules.  Our research interest
does not concern developing our own fancy compiler.  If the CMU's
Common Lisp compiler is available for our using in the Lilac system,
we would sure appreciate it.
  Thank you very much for your consideration.

  Best Regards,

Hirotoshi Maegawa

  Lilac's processing element consists of two types of processors:
Evaluator and Resource Manager.  Evaluator is a VLIW processor capable
of efficient and fast list processing.  Resource Manager performs
memory management including reclamation and process management, and
handles X window system and UNIX.  Two processors work cooperatively
and it achieves event driven computation which improves for instance
user interaction response.  We introduce in the Lilac system a new
memory organization scheme for linked data structures called MOLDS,
capable of manipulating the structures more than ten times faster than
conventional paged systems.