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I got the brochure on the Lisp Users Vendors Conference, and it looks more
and more boring as time goes by.  Maybe I'm missing something?  The first
two days are mostly useless tutorials, all of which require extra expense
(not included in conference fee), and the third day is either bullshit or
Franz and Lucid talking.  They've added the hospitality suites as well
though they didn't want them initially.  Friday is all bullshit too.

It looks like we only need to be there Thursday, so if the department is
handing out $300, we won't even need it all:
   $125 fee   (50% discount for academics with department letter, $62.50)
   $80  hotel
   $40  gas
   $50  food
We could even drive down Thursday morning, do the talk, and drive back
Thursay night.  We don't even have to go by D.C., but we wouldn't want to
come back along 270 until after the Fredricksburg commuters got off the

I guess if part of our mission is to spy on Lucid and Franz, then we'll
want to hear their speils on Wednesday which adds another night at the
hotel, $62.50 fee, and more food, which puts us in the hole.  This is
somewhat discouraging since this mission is purely political with the
unveiling of the conference schedule.