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Re: LUV-91

The schedule has several slots Thursday afternoon marked TBD.  Ignoring the
tutorials, starting Wednesday, everyone hears talks about the following:
   Panel discussion

Thursday in parallel in the morning Franz, Lucid, Symbolics, and TBD talk.
In the early afternoon in parallel Blackboard Tech Group, Harlequin, Ibuki,
and Top Level talk.  Later Thursday afternoon in parallel four TBDs talk.

Friday afternoon, two TBDs talk.

There is a possibility the guy is saving a prime slot Wednesday for us.
Otherwise, there are two possibilities.  He could Thursday morning slot us
against the big three, or he could slot us Thursday afternoon against other
random hacks or products.

Possibly I'm put out that he slotted Ibuki (essentially KCL as I understand
it), but he hasn't even responded to Rob's nor my inquiries about us -- the
only competing kick ass Common Lisp implementation.  What, we stand behind

Maybe we have to take some dirt kicked in our faces before some heads turn,
but I'm feeling intolerant these days.  I'm happy to go along with whatever
we decide is best, but I'm disappointed at the initial schedule, which he
did tag a "Preliminary Program Schedule".