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CLUE under CMU CL (was: clos vrs. pcl)


  the CLOS functionality in CMU CL is implemented by PCL and is
sufficient for CLUE.  One problem is that the package setup in your
version differs from what CLUE expects, i.e. there is no COMMON-LISP
package that exports the CLOS (PCL) symbols.  You'd probably better
off if you could upgrade to the new alpha version (16b).

The other obstacle is that CMU CL already contains a CLX that has been
compiled using the wrong compilation switches and thus has to be
replaced.  So you also need the CLX sources -- I'd recommend the X11R5
versionm which is easier to modify (the variable
*DEF-CLX-CLASS-USE-DEFCLASS* has to be set to the list (WINDOW PIXMAP
DRAWABLE) before compiling CLX).

There are other small problems as well, but they can be fixed on an ad
hoc basis :-( it's been quite some time that I installed CLUE under a
version of CMUCL, but I know it works!).

CLUE also wants to define a method on a structure (XLIB:DISPLAY) which
currently does not work in PCL -- I have a patch that adds this
feature which should be added to CMU CL ... the workaround is to
remove the specializer and add a type check for DISPLAY in the method

CLUE and CLIO together are a great environment for implementing user
interface stuff in Lisp in my opinion -- it's a shame that they are so
difficult to install under CMU CL (under Allegro 4.1 they compile "out
of the box" as they say).

Hope this helps,