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Zmail question - setting "From:" addresses.

We've got a local hack here which I can't send you since it's all
modifications to Symbolics source code, but what it does is to check to
see if the local site has "All Mail Addresses Forward" turned on and if
so, it canonicalizes all addresses to the host specified in "Host for
Bug Reports".  This seemed to be a sufficiently general solution.

This is all done in ZMail, not in the mailer.  There are probably some
places in the mailer that should also be modified, but I don't see much
reason to do that until I bring 7.2 up on the mail server.

Originally that field was set to our DEC-20, which had a mail name of
SPAR-20.ARPA, but when that host's mail name was changed to
"SPAR-20.SPAR.SLB.COM" I set it to one of our Suns, which has a mail
name of SPAR.SLB.COM.  

Our goal was to make certain that we only had one address visible to the
outside world, so even though my address might really be
7thSon@SPAR-20.SPAR.SLB.COM or 7thSon@BOOKWORM.SPAR.SLB.COM, you will
simply see it as SPAR.SLB.COM.