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[Postmaster@RITTER.AI.SRI.COM: Unable to deliver letter]

    Date: Thu, 8 Sep 88 16:25 PDT
    From: Postmaster@RITTER.AI.SRI.COM
    Subject: Unable to deliver letter

    Unable to deliver letter to the following recipient:
	After contacting the relevant domain servers, the Mailer has been
	informed that messages addressed to the domain named "SAMSON.CADR.DIALNET.SYMBOLICS.COM"
	should be delivered through the host SAMSON.CADR.DIALNET.SYMBOLICS.COM.
	However, while the Mailer was to able verify the existence of this host,
	the Mailer was unable to find a path to deliver the message to this host.

    ----- Text of letter follows -----
    Received: from ELCAPITAN.AI.SRI.COM by RITTER.AI.SRI.COM via CHAOS with CHAOS-MAIL id 25492; Thu 8-Sep-88 16:12:08 PDT
    Date: Thu, 8 Sep 88 16:11 PDT
    From: Mabry Tyson <TYSON@AI.SRI.COM>
    Subject: Re: Symbolics - VAX/VMS e-mail
    In-Reply-To: <880908145046.3.RSK@SAMSON.CADR.DIALNET.SYMBOLICS.COM>
    Message-ID: <19880908231148.7.TYSON@ELCAPITAN.AI.SRI.COM>

What is the status of Symbolics fixing up their domain servers on this?  It
has been a problem for a long time and it seems like there would be a simple
solution (MX record saying to deliver it to STONY-BROOK.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM
with a worse priority than if it can deliver it directly).  Such a solution
need only be implemented at Symbolics and so could be installed anytime.