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Request for Lisp Interpreter?????

    Date: Mon, 22 Jan 90 15:58 EST
    From: Dale Shanefelt <dale@jazz.alcoa.com>

    I don't believe I am going to ask for this, but here goes...

    Someone here at Alcoa (not me) is looking for a LISP interpreter
    written in C with complete sources and any documentation.  Does
    anyone know the existence of such a primitive beast?

I'll skip the ET jokes.

How 'bout the Gnu EMACS's interpreter?  It's not a Common Lisp,
but it can reasonably be called a Lisp., I think.  (I've never
looked at it in any detail, it being Unix 'n all)

If you want a Common Lisp, there's KCL (Kyoto Common Lisp).
Also comes with a compiler.  CLtL's the main documentation;
there's installation stuff, too.  Even more if you can read

Then there's franz Lisp.  No, not the company Franz, Inc.
Predates that.  It's the Lisp done at Berkely so that Macsyma
could run on a Vax where there's enough address space to integrage
and differentiate in the same core image.  Descendent of MacLisp,
predecessor to Common Lisp.  Big reason for Berkely porting Unix
to VAX.  No franz Lisp, no BSD, no SUN, Bill Joy'd be working for
IBM doing SNA, and Unix would have died with the PDP 11/70.  Hmm,
pleasant thought.  Anyway, comes with a compiler: lizt.  You can
tell those Berklyites were dangerous practical jokers.

But anything capable of running Macsyma has to be considered a serious
Lisp, even if not modern.

To my knowledge, nobody's brought up Macsyma in Gnu Emacs, but I
expect to hear from GJC & LPH any day now...

For the truely weird among us:  There have been lisp's done in TECO.
So all you have to do is write a TECO interpreter in C...

If you want to spend money, Delphi has one, written in C.  With
sources it'll cost you about $12,000...