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Genera 8.0 Announcement

    Date: Mon, 5 Mar 90 00:59 CST
    From: Cohen@MCC.COM (Richard M. Cohen)

	Date: 2 Mar 90 15:57:00 GMT
	From: groberts@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com, jr@yukon.scrc.symbolics.com

	This letter went out in hardcopy to all customers this week. The sales
	reps also received this letter. If you have questions, please address
	them to your sales rep, Gary Roberts, or Johanna Rothman.


	Dear Symbolics Owner,


	Customers eligible for Genera 8.0 will receive distribution media, an
	initial documentation set, and one extra documentation set for each
	additional five covered systems at a site.

    In the brouhaha the new restrictions on software distribution, perhaps
    this additional policy change got overlooked.  Apparently we no longer
    get a set of documentation for each machine under software maintenance!
    Do we even get one set of release notes per machine?  Do we get the
    right the duplicate the documentation for the other machines under
    software maintenance?

Yes. In fact, since you get the documentation on-line, and since we
provide hardcopy functionality in Document Examiner, we expect you to
hardcopy any documentation you might require.  Right now, we include
release notes as part of the doc set, and only one set per five machines
is distributed.

    Symbolics tried to pull a similar stunt back at Release 5, claiming that
    they would only distribute one set of documentation per site.  The
    policy was very short-lived.

    -- Rich

Actually, many of our customers have said that we send them too much
documentation, i.e. too many sets. You can buy more sets, and parts of
sets for a nominal fee. Your sales rep has details.