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Reversing page order on lgp2 printers

    Date: Tue, 24 Apr 90 10:13:53 EDT
    From: jwalker@crl.dec.com

	Does anyone know how to do this? Genera 7.4 has a flavor instance variable
	in the lgp2-printer flavor for default-print-backwards, but changing its
	value has no effect (I guess because my machine isn't the print server.) 
	The print server is running 7.2, and the corresponing flavor has no such
	iv. (It also doesn't have lgp3 defined.) So - is there an easy way to 
	reverse the default print order, or should I wait for 8.0 ?

    Well, I don't know exactly how you did what you did with the
    flavor instance variable.  When I faced this same issue, I
    changed the namespace object for the printer to include the
    following line:

    User Property: DEFAULT-PRINT-BACKWARDS nil

    (The value is "nil" not NIL which alarmed me at first but it
    turned out to be what was supposed to happen.)

    We are running 7.4 but print serving from a UNIX for
    whatever that means.  Don't waste time tinkering with
    printer type LGP3 if you want to use Format Buffer or the
    Concordia formatter; they don't support LGP3 (I hope this is

Yes, this works in 8.0.