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[Not really about] Chestnut Software's Lisp-to-C Translator

    Date: Mon, 30 Apr 90 10:45:54 PDT
    From: kosma%human-torch@STC.LOCKHEED.COM (Monty Kosma)

       Date: Fri, 27 Apr 90 16:11 PDT
       From: pwtc!fikes@labrea.stanford.edu (Richard Fikes)

       I recently received a sales packet from Chestnut Software, Inc., located
       in Boston, advertising a Lisp-to-C translator.  Anyone had any
       experience with them or their product?  Any other recommendations for a
       good Lisp to C translator?

       Richard Fikes

    good question--I've just been looking for the same thing.  One thing
    I'm thinking about doing is porting Kyoto Common Lisp (basically a CL
    to C translator from what I've heard) to the amiga.  I have basically
    no idea yet what this entails since I just ftp'ed the KCL source and
    haven't had a chance to look at it...

It's NOT.  KCL and all of its derivatives (Ibuki & Austin included) do
compile CL code into C, but in a style that requires support from the
rest of the KCL system.  Don't expect to run a KCL compiled file