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Logitech trackman on Symbolics

I have finally installed the trackman on  my Symbolics,
and have been using it for about a month. It seems
to be the best trackball design for the lispm since
it allows you to roll the ball while holding the 
buttons down (and it has the necessary three buttons.)
Modification was simple, once you discover that the 
documentation from Logitech is all wrong.  Ignore
the pinout in the manual - its not even close. The 
real pinout of the connector inside the box is easy 
to find with a meter. The pins, from bottom to top,
are (approximately) L, M, R, +5V, ESD gnd, GND, +x,-x,
+y, -y. (This is approximate, check it yourself before 
you wire.) The mouse clicks are active low, which is what
the lispm wants, and I would expect to be labeled R-bar, etc.
(Just because Logitech ignores that convention doesn't mean
that you need to wire in an inverter like I did the first time

I got the symbolics mouse pinout from some reader of this list.
It was a postscript file that prints a wiring diagram. It says
that questions,etc should be sent to John Wambaugh at the
Center for Design Research, Stanford, wambaugh@sunrise.stanford.edu,

You will need a 75451 (dual peripheral driver) some 8-wire cable, and
an 8 contact modular plug.