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Call for Volunteers: Proceedings of SLUG-90

    Date: Fri, 25 May 90 14:57:11 EDT
    From: MILLER@vax.cam.nist.gov (Bruce R. Miller)

    Date: Fri, 25 May 90 14:54 EDT
    To: slug%ai.sri.com@vax.cam.nist.gov
    Message-ID: <19900525185435.1.MILLER@ARTEMIS.cam.nist.gov>

    Well so far, I've gotten ABSOLUTELY NO response to my call for
    volunteers to submit summaries of the SLUG-90 sessions.

    Is my mailer selectively sick?

    It seems that  all the  active participants  on this  list, at least the
    ones that answer as well as ask, are already chairing 1 or more sessions
    at  SLUG  so   I  surely   dont  expect   them  to   take  on  any  more
    responsibilities. Where are the rest of you?

    Paul & Richard  (& barmar  & ...);  You've sure  gotten an  extra bit of
    sympathy from me.


Yes, sign me up. Someone else will have to review the Thursday Night
Entertainment, though, since I am its Impresario.