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symbolics salescreatures

    I'm kind of ticked off at the nonchalant attitude the symbolics
    salespeople exibit.  I have called a Symbolics sales office on two
    occasions and left my number.  I have never gotten a return phone
    call.  Once I actually spoke to a real live person in sales except
    that he refused to quote me prices saying I had to talk to a sales rep
    and that I should call back in "a couple months."

I also ran into the same problem. About six months ago I called up
Symbolics to ask for sales literature on CLOE and was told to speak
to "my sales rep". Well I don't have a sales rep so I talked to the
Symbolics maintenance person at MIT. He told me that he would request
the info for me. I reminded him several times and he said that he
had requested the info and that I would be getting it soon. Well,
I never got it.