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Ivory MacInTalk


We have a MacIntalk dated Jan 83 that works with our MacIvories.
It lives in the system folder.   Our code is below.  A bug is
that once you use MacIntalk from the lispm, the sound manager is
hosed and regular sound resources usually cannot be played until
the Mac is rebooted---at least we never really it figured out.



;;; call macintalk from the ivory using mac toolbox functions

(defun macintalk-english (string)
  (let ((the-speech (mtb::_SpeechOn ""))
	(phonemes-handle (mtb::_NewHandle 0)))
    (mtb::_Reader the-speech string phonemes-handle)
    (mtb::_MacInTalk the-speech phonemes-handle)
    (mtb::_SpeechOff the-speech)
    ;    (mtb::_StopSound)  ; trying to make sounds work again?

;;; and a cp command for ultimate convenience 

(defvar *last-macintalk-string* "Helow Maaaarrrrrrrgrett! How're u?")

(cp:define-command (com-macintalk :command-table "USER")
    ((string 'string :default *last-macintalk-string*))
   (setf *last-macintalk-string* string)
   (macintalk-english string))