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SLUG Proceedings requests

Not to be a smartass, but...
  I've gotten a couple of requests where people are being exceedingly
polite and saying;  
   `send scribe/text; whatever is easiest'

As it turns out, I turned the scribe into text, and broke up each into 5
sections and wrote those to file. Then I read each file into a string,
wrote a few functions that use (zwei:send-message-string ..) to send the
appropriate block(s) to whoever. 

So, you want scribe, I say
  (send-whole-scribe "bwinkel@wassamatta.edu")
You want text
  (send-whole-text "bwinkel@wassamatta.edu")
  (send-chunkified-scribe "bwinkel@wassamatta.edu")
  (send-chunkified-text "bwinkel@wassamatta.edu")
No, problem.

[BTW: I didn't use keywords for efficiency reasons. See `Performance:
Pitfalls and Tuning' in the proceedings! (ok,ok, so I AM being a
smartass... it really was an interesting session!).] 

Anyway, `whatever is easiest' is not trying figuring out whether you can
process scribe onto a printer.


BTW, I guess I'll start being a bit more netfreindly and defer sending them
out till evening.