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SLUG 90 Proceedings

The proceedings of SLUG90 collected by Bruce Miller are now available for
FTP from AI.SRI.COM (aka Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM).

FTP to AI.SRI.COM with username ANONYMOUS (capitalization doesn't matter)
and a password that is your name.  This will give you access to (and only
to) the directory USR2:[ANONYMOUS].  In that directory are a number of
files (mostly old SLUG mail).  The two relevant ones are SLUG90.TEXT (95K) and
SLUG90.SCRIBE (87K).  Retrieve whichever file you need.

The following CP command will probably work for you (ok, so you have to change
foo and bar)

Please!  Only retrieve these files after 6PM and before 8AM Pacific
Daylight Time.  Only retrieve whichever one you want and only get it once
per site (ie, let the other people at your site know you where to get it).

(By the way, SCRIBE is a registered trademark of Unilogic, Inc.)