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flakey Genera 8.0.1

With all the recent talk about m-sh-C, has anybody noticed that it is
*BROKEN* in Genera 8.0.1! Now, it is not totally broken, it is just unreliable.
The algorithm seems to have changed and that change has introduced bugs.
Sometimes, it compiles code it shouldn't. Thats alright, just annoying. But
worse, sometimes it doesn't compile code that it should. About one out of every
10 times I've used it since I've switched to 8.0.1 it fails to compile some
function that it should. Often, I've wasted a lot of time, trying to figure out
why a bug I just fixed still reappears in code only to find out the out of the
dozens of functions I've just editted and did a m-sh-C on, one didn't get
recompiled and that was the cause of the bug not being fixed.

Also, if you have unbalanced parenthesis in a function that you just edited
and do a m-sh-C, it used to complain which was good. Now it doesn't anymore.
It just reads up to the matching closing parenthesis and ignores the rest of the
definition that has changed. This is a bug.

There is even some more random flakiness in Genera 8.0.1. Sometimes Zmacs gets
wedged in such a way that typing self-inserting characters takes many SECONDS
for it to process. This seems to happen when you edit a function and are in
a temporary state where parenthesis are unbalanced. It can take Zmacs several
MINUTES to echo a few dozen characters that I type. No paging, No GC, no other
processes, the run light is solidly off before I type the characters, goes
solidly on for a few mintues while it processes the typed input and then goes
solidly off again.

Now, I would send these bug to Customer Reports except that I can't repeat
them predictably. I can't isolate them down to a small example. The same exact
file will cause the problems one time and then not another. I can't determine
the circumstances which cause the anomalous behavior to report them. Its just
that code which has been rock solid for at least eight or ten years is now

Also, for years, my lispm-init file has had the following lines:

(setf zwei:*lisp-defun-indentation* '(2 0))
(setf zwei:*lisp-indent-lone-function-offset* 0)

I have long since forgotten in detail what they do but I know that they used
to specify that code was indented as:

(defun foo (x y)
 (+ x y))

instead of:

(defun foo (x y)
  (+ x y))

(One space indentation under defun rather than two.)

This too has broken in Genera 8.0.1 and I can't find any documentation in the
release notes warning me about that. Can any body tell me how to fix this?