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RE: Multiple Page LGP2 graphics output.

Mike McMahon posted this response to a similar question in March.
What follows is some code I used to hardcopy displayed presentations
from a dynamic window...

Date:  Thu, 1 Mar 90 20:32 EST
cc:  SLUG@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM
In-Reply-To:  <900301161905.0000015C0B1@TITAN.KSC.NASA.GOV>
Message-ID:  <19900302013240.4.MMCM@MOTH.Oberon.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM>

    Date: Thu,  1 Mar 90 16:19:05 EDT

	    We don't have the code for format-graph-from-root here, so I
    have no idea how it's done... any clues out there?  Thanx!

There's a special kind of stream that buffers multiple pages of graphics.

The simplest way to access it is via dw:do-redisplay, as format-graph-from-root does.

Wrap dw:redisplayer around your code, and call
 (dw:do-redisplay <displayer> <hc-stream> 
	:full-set-cursorpos :graphics :once-only t).


 ;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: Common-lisp; Package: METERS; Base: 10 -*-

(defmethod (HARDCOPY-ALL-OBJECTS GOBJECT-WINDOW) ()       ;&optional (scale-factor 1))
  "Hardcopies all gobjects to a printer that supports graphics (LGP2 - PS)"
  (let ((hardcopy-stream))
	  (setf hardcopy-stream
		    (() :own-window t :temporary-p t :label "Enter A Printer")
		    (accept 'dw::local-printer :prompt "Printer "))
	    (dw:redisplayer (hardcopy-stream)
;	      (graphics:with-room-for-graphics (hardcopy-stream)
;		(graphics:with-graphics-scale (hardcopy-stream scale-factor)
		  (dolist (object (reverse (GOBJECT-WINDOW-objects self)))
		    (DRAW object hardcopy-stream))
;		)
;	      )
	    :full-set-cursorpos :graphics
	    :once-only t
      (close hardcopy-stream)

;;(dw:do-redisplay (dw:redisplayer (*stream*) (clear-and-refresh-all-objects (tv:window-
;;          under-mouse))) *stream* :full-set-cursorpos :graphics :once-only t)

;;; ripped out the graphics translations because they don't work all that well... especially
;;; text: it comes out upside down, scaled all wrong, and sometimes even mirror-imaged, very confusing display.