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8.0.1 complaints on SLUG

    Date: Wed, 29 Aug 90 09:44 EDT
    From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind <Qobi@ZERMATT.LCS.MIT.EDU>

    Actually, I was comparing 8.0.1 to 7.2, not 8.0.

I'm sorry that I didn't know that, my comments would have been different if I had.

	    Also, for years, my lispm-init file has had the following lines:

	    (setf zwei:*lisp-defun-indentation* '(2 0))
	    (setf zwei:*lisp-indent-lone-function-offset* 0)
	zwei:*lisp-defun-indentation* is for things that start with DEF and don't have
	declared indentation (determined in two minutes by List Callers).  DEFUN has
	declared indentation, so that variable has no effect on it.

    Now, I have a file that used to have line breaks such that when it
    was indented, all lines fit on one line. When, I changed releases, this ws no longer
    the case. And I had to manually go and rebreak many of the lines in my file. That
    took a lot of time and in my mind defintely is an issue of programming environment

So why don't you set the indentation of DEFUN to be what you want it to be?
Show Candidates indent found "Controlling Indentation Using ZWEI:DEFINDENTATION".
(ZWEI:DEFINDENTATION (DEFUN 2 0)) seems to do exactly what you're looking for.