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Symbolics to Sun Port Questions

I have a few general questions, concerning OTHER LISP systems 
for non-XL hybrid SUN class machines.  I know this is sort 
flys in the face for SLUG types, but I have been directed 
from my management (w/ their infinite wisdom for refuting my 
XL arguments) to port my software across to standard SUN 
class h/w environments (same old story, h/w costs rather than 
s/w costs).  I have queried FRANZ Inc. (Allegro LISP, etc.) 
for information about their s/w.

First some background information to provide you some context 
for answering the questions.  Presently, I have a LARGE  (10-
20k lines, yes, I know lines is meaningless but it gives you 
an idea) Multi-Abstraction Level Planning and Scheduling 
System (handles up to a couple of thousand activities) on my 
old Symbolics 3600 (serial number below 300), w/ 4 MW memory 
running under Genera 7.2 (as you can tell we have a 
substantial budget).  The code uses flavors provided under 
that environment.  The portion of code for handling the 
display (a substantial fraction of the overall system) avoids 
dynamic windows and instead uses the static window flavors 
due to speed concerns.  In addition, I use my own mouse 
handling process for user interaction, scrapping 
presentations (when you have a couple of thousand multi-level 
presentations you can kiss response goodbye).  With this in 
mind, please send responses to my questions or any helpful 
suggestions directly to me.

1)  What other LISP environments are available for SUNs and 
where can I contact them?

2)  During this port, I am thinking of changing over to CLOS.  
What experiences has anyone had in doing a Flavors to CLOS 

3)  Display translation or is it a total rewrite?  What is 
available out there that sits on top of X-Windows and what 
kind of headaches am I looking at in converting my display 
code?  (ie: Common Windows is available with Allegro)

Again, any help will be appreciated.

					- Curt