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release 8 in Switzerland ....

Concerning this question asked:
>   We just ordered release 8.  On slug, people are talking about 8.0.1,
>   Is this a patch to 8.0? Is there an 8.1 available.

Well it's nice to worry about wether there is a 8.1. Here, I just got
8.0 2 weeks ago, but my other colleagues in Switzerland are still
waiting for it. Well they may be as happy as I am, because at least
they still can print. I can't, because they forgot to send me the
TCP-IP upgrade.... 

For our 3620 (2 MW) we are paying a total maintenance fee of over DM
20,000. This includes University prices and it'is less in $$$, but
still a lot.. For this *maintenance* price I can get a Sparcstation
with more memory and more disk, and we don't pay any maintenance for
it (locally speaking). For the moment nobody here tried to take the
3620 away from me, but when I'll get CLIM on the Sparcs, I'll be afraid
of that... and it seems that a beta-version of CLIM for Franz Allegro
is under the way .... 

Sorry for this flaming, but I had to !

Daniel K.Schneider, TECFA
Faculte de Psychologie et des Sciences de l'Education, University of Geneva,
1211 Geneva 4 (Switzerland), Tel.(..41)22 705 7652, Fax. (..41) 22 20 29 27.

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