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Anybody have a termcap or terminfo for SUNOS 4.x.x??

    Date: Mon, 24 Sep 90 11:31:41 PDT
    From: randy@atc.boeing.com (Randy Groves)

    With the advent of our putting up the new SUN OS, the VT100 terminfo
    or termcap entries that are standard give some real weird results when
    used with the Telnet VT100 emulator.  This occurs especially in more
    and vi (some people still use it).  Anybody already played with this??
    The present ones are unusable as they stand, and I really don't have
    the time right now ...

    Thanks much!!

    -randy groves - Boeing Advanced Technology Center
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    VOICE:	   (206)865-3424   			      Seattle, WA   98124

The real problem is a mis-implemented enhancement to the VT100 emulator.
Scrolling regions were added, but there was a braino in the code.  I
submitted a fix to Symbolics which was incorporated into 8.0.1.  I'd be
happy to send you the patch privately.

 -- Chuck Fry  Chucko@Charon.ARC.NASA.GOV