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Re: 8.0.1 flod files and Rev 2 IO CLIM

    Date: Wed, 26 Sep 90 15:11:54 -0400
    From: kanderso@DINO.BBN.COM

    We had the exact same problem!  You might talk to Paul Neal of
    Symbolics who replaced everything on our machine.  When he finally
    replaced one of the disks the problem went away.  We still have problems
    saving worlds though.  It starts to save a world but never finishes.


Bizzare. We also had the same problem on one 40; a different 40, a 70 and 2
20s had no problem. The CE swapped a drive with the working 40 (which
successfully booted from it's flods) to no avail. Again, replacing drive 0
(no difference from drive 1) fixed it. Dunno about world saves; we do that
on one of the 20s.

Extra bizzare because the hello boot files on both machines were identical.
Maybe a disk revision problem?

 Brad Miller		U. Rochester Comp Sci Dept.
 miller@cs.rochester.edu {...allegra!rochester!miller}