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Symbolics in switzerland

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> In my original posting I was basically complaining that we here (i.e.
> people depending from Symbolics Germany) pay *more* for less compared
> to people in the states.  Technicians take their time to come and
> repair things, we get releases late and academics get only a 15%
> rebate on soft-and hardware.  Software support people from Symbolics
> Germany are nice, but too unexperienced to be really useful for us
> now. Their best people work for industry projects now. Without slug
> I'd be dead here.
  For example, Genera 8 with CLOS has been announced at the beginning
of this year. As people in the U.S. are already speaking of a new release,
we do not not have it yet, an we do not even know when we will get it.
This is a real problem. I have to rewrite a piece of software this month,
and as CLOS is not yet here, i am stuck with the new flavors which are
definitely not standard, and will probably die quite soon.

  In addition, such delays and the difference in discounts make *MUCH*
more difficult do justify the purchase of a lisp machine.

  Emmanuel Baechler

  AI Lab.
  Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  MA - Ecublens
  1015 Lausanne  Switzerland