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Re: release 8 in Switzerland ....

>  From:    <pat@computer-science.strathclyde.ac.uk>

>  Are you suggesting, or at least thinking, that the BT work might
>  take place in a lisp environment on the suns? As you might well
>  imagine I would quite enjoy that.

Sorry, I don't know what "BT" work means, but CLIM is a cleaned-up
version of the current Symbolics Interface programming tools (e.g.
program-frames, graphics, presentations etc. etc.) I heard that CLIM
will replace the current Symbolics tools in release 8.1 in a
similar way as CLOS did New-Flavors in release 8.0. (but CLIM
is not a standard, it's just being supported by Symbolics, Franz,
Lucid and others....). In other words, Symbolics will still have its
superior developping environment, but it may loose its edge on
easy interface programming.

CLIM has been offered to me for $1250, but then you also need Franz
Allegro Common Lisp, X and Gnu-Emacs, and lots of memory and harddisk on
your Sparcstation.

In my original posting I was basically complaining that we here (i.e.
people depending from Symbolics Germany) pay *more* for less compared
to people in the states.  Technicians take their time to come and
repair things, we get releases late and academics get only a 15%
rebate on soft-and hardware.  Software support people from Symbolics
Germany are nice, but too unexperienced to be really useful for us
now. Their best people work for industry projects now. Without slug
I'd be dead here  :)

 - Daniel