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Symbolics/UNIX LPD glitch?

We had a problem today when we started trying to use the UNIX-LPD hardcopy
service under Genera 8.0.1. At first we thought it was a problem with the
Laserwriter being driven by our SUN. My UNIX system wizard sent me the
following message; does it ring a bell with anyone?

>I found the cause of the anomalous behavior of lpd on the Symbolics files.
>Examination of the printer queue showed several jobs with the SAME job ids.
>The actual data files didn't overwrite each other because they came from 
>different systems, and thus had different names (i.e cfA741HEMLOCK.LL.MIT.EDU
>and cfA741ASPEN.LL.MIT.EDU).  I moved the duplicates to a temporary directory,
>and the rest of the queue is now processing nicely.  However, if this was 
>anything but a weird case, possibly from restarting the symbolics printer
>drivers while there were still jobs in the queue here, this is a problem.  
>Having the same job ids turn up more than once in the queue is a no-no.

Thanks in advance,