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TELNET to Unix Emacs

    Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1991 11:50 EST
    From: jclose@potomac.ads.com (Jeff Close)

    Greetings, all.  

    I got tired of typing escape-characters to emacs when I terminal to
    unix machines from the LISPM.  This patches the telnet character
    typein filter to convert meta-chars to the sequence ESCAPE-followed-
    by-char.  It has probably appeared here before, but in case not, here
    it is for anyone's use.  Please pardon the length -- it was borderline
    whether to just post a note or include the code.


This functionality has been included in Genera since 8.0, but it depends
on the setting of your serial line.  If the line is an 8-bit line, it
prefers to send Meta as the high bit of the character (and you can
conditionalize EMACS to look for that).  If the line is a 7-bit line, it
will turn any Meta char in to ESC followed by the char.  Look at the