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Re: MacIvory Problem: Accessing the Floppy-Disk

    Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 14:30:18 -0200
    From: bruening%gmdzi.uucp@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Inke Bruening)

    Thanks for answering. 

    What I really wanted to do is to use two (or more) disks with
    the same name, making the machine "think" it is the same disk. 

I don't think you can fool the Mac that way, unless you use an external
disk copier.  I believe the Mac puts a unique id on the disks, so that
it can distinguish otherwise identical disks.

What I expect you're trying to do is read something from a floppy file
"HOST:diskname:pathname", then swap in a copy of the floppy (with the
same name), and write to "HOST:diskname:pathname".  While the graphical
user interface of the Mac can deal with multiple disks having the same
name (it knows which is which when you click on the icon), the textual
pathname interface probably always uses the first one.

    (Maybe that's not what I SHOULD do with the Mac!) So how to do
    that? Is there a mtb-function to dismount a disk? 

I believe the function in the Macintosh Toolbox is called UnMount, so it
would presumably be something like MTB:UNMOUNT on the Lispm.