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RPC calls between Sun4 and Ivory

We are having some problems bring up our new UX1200 ivory board embedded
inside a Sun4/390.  It appears that the UNIX host is either not answering
the ivory boards RPC dispatch or it can not find the ivory host in order
to complete the connection.

If you have successfully embedded an ivory board into any Sun4 configuration,
and you are running yellowpages on your Sun4, could you please call or
email any information that may be related to the UNIX kernel or life support
changes need to execute RPC between the Sun4 and the ivory board.

Thank you.

| Heather D. Pfeiffer             | e-mail:  hdp@nmsu.edu   |
| Computing Research Laboratory   | Voice:   (505) 646-5782 |
| New Mexico State University     |              or         |
| Las Cruces, New Mexico  88003   |          (505) 646-4143 |