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accept-values pane

    Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1991 16:37 EDT
    From: alames@sandia.gov (2814 AMES, ARLO L.)

	    is it possible, within the context of accepting-values (here,
    an accept-values pane of a program framework), to move from one
    item to another without using the mouse?  A customer is annoyed by the
    number of mouse clicks it takes to fill in values the first time.  Many
    of the fields being entered are simple numbers.

Typing <Help> at an accepting-values pane told me the following:

  Accepting values.
  Click on a displayed value to enter a new value.
  Click middle to edit the old value.
  Single character commands:
  Control-B Move to previous choice in an enumeration
  Control-D Remove the highlighted question's value
  Control-E Edit the highlighted question's value
  Control-F Move to next choice in an enumeration
  Control-N Move down to next question
  Control-P Move up to previous question  qu
  Space     Enter a value for the highlighted question
  Help      Print this description
  Refresh   Force complete redisplay
  Abort     Abort these choices
  End       Use these choices

    Arlo Ames