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bbbbut I don't want bbbbs in my bbbbuffer

   Date: Fri, 09 Aug 91 13:29:43 -0400
   From: mac@trantor.harris-atd.com

     We finally got our 8.1 tapes. When I load Genera-8-1.load on our 3620s, I
   get a letter `b' in the input buffer. Has anyone else seen this? Any fix?

I sometimes get a random character in my input buffer on my 3650 when I
"Continue" after going down to the FEP.  I've been seeing this for years; I
assumed it was just some minor G-machine lossage, and never lost any sleep
over it.

     Also, I just tried loading the x-server system. I get alot of these:

   Warning -- The value #<Package X-SERVER #o42311566> for ZL:PACKAGE
     failed the validation function (:PROPERTY CL:*PACKAGE* SI:VALIDATION-FUNCTION) because:
       Package X-SERVER is not suitable because it does not use one of
     The standard value will not be changed.

     Does this mean anything important? (I wish Symbolics would get rid of the
   validation function. I should be able to create packages that aren't lisp
   based if I want.)

You can ignore these warnings.