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more to starting x-server

    Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1991 15:27 EDT
    From: drstrip@cs.sandia.gov (David R. Strip)

    so i added the x-window-system entry to my namespace and loaded 
    system x-server. If I try to Start Server, I get an error that
    the file sys:x11;server;rgb.text.newest does not exist.
    What is it looking for? what do I put there?

It's looking for that file, which Symbolics left out of their
distribution.  It's just a text file used to translate color names into
red/green/blue values (it's used even by monochrome servers).  If you
have a Unix system with X11R4 on it, copy the file from there; you
should also be able to get it via anonymous FTP from