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Re: Sockets (?) on Symbolics to PC connection ?

    Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1991 12:54 EDT
    From: evans@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu (R B Evans)

    I have already, successfully loaded IP/TCP on the symbolics machine.
    I have no difficulty in file transfers (via copy or ftp) or remote
    logins.  My question is how do I write (or are there examples of)
    functions that will send and receive packets of information from/to
    programs/applications running on a symbolics and a PC.

The information on writing network software for Genera is in the
"Networks" and "Bundled Network Products" manuals.  The first manual
contains general information regarding generic network software, and the
second has the specific details you need to make the generic software
use TCP/IP.  I don't know how easy it is to grok these manuals without
some networking background, though; by the time I first read them I was
already familiar with the fundamentals.  You might want to get a book
such as "Internetworking with TCP/IP", by Comer and Stevens, which
explains how TCP/IP works.

Beyond this information, I don't think it's possible to teach you how to
write network software via email.  Some examples of simple network
programs can be found in the Symbolics sources; see