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FIXED horizontal shake in monitor image

Doug --

Thanks very much for the detailed instructions. A little adjustment
and everything stopped shaking.

For those who might have to do it sometime, here is what transpired.
Thanks to a previous msg from Mabry Tyson I was forearmed with plastic
screwdriver/allen wrenches from a "COLORTV adjustment kit" purchased
at Radio Shack.  When I popped off the cover, I found a neat little
"POT DIAGRAM -- DEFLECTION PCB" chart glued to the upper part of the
tube. The chart showed function and location for the 12 pots situated
along the upper edge of the board mounted on the left hand wall (when
looking from the front). There were 3 black heat sinks along the
bottom of this board, so I guess it is a moniterm type display from
Doug's msg.

According to the chart, pot P2, the second from the rear, was the
"horizontal hold". I turned it until the horizontal shaking stopped.

Tnx again,