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Cleaning up a world...

Is there an easy way to remove things from a world? My 3650 runs
standalone (in the sense that I don't partake of dialnet) and
there are many things (like ZMail, online docs etc.) that I
would like to remove in order to get a more lean
mean environment. Mostly I'm concerned about freeing up disk
space (for saving animation images), but perhaps the cleanup
will enhance system performance in some way? Even the
distribution world has stuff I don't use. (I'd be more
specific, but the '50 isn't fired up right now)
  BTW, this is a 3650 with 4MW, FPU, hirez Chroma palette,
736 Meg drive, currently running 7.2 and S-Products 4.1.
Any suggestions are appreciated, Thanks!  Scott

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