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.translation files

    Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 16:39 EDT
    From: Scott_Busse%mindlink.bc.ca@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Scott Busse)

    I've been reading through the manual for while, and
    attempting to hack it (unsuccesfully), but maybe
    someone can cut this to a short answer...
       I want to be able to type "obj:" in an S-Products
    file requester and have the system replace it with
    "w:>scott>proj2>obj>".  So if I type obj:cube.obj.new-
    est as a destination to save an object file, it
    translates it to w:>scott>proj2>obj>cube.object.1.
    (where w is the host name.)
    Thanks for any help!  Scott

You can't do exactly that.  Symbolics logical pathnames require a
directory portion (they're not the same as TOPS-20/VMS logical names).

When I don't want to worry about subdirectories, I usually make the
directory be the same as the logical host, so your example would be
obj:obj;cube.obj.newest.  Do the following:

(fs:set-logical-pathname-host "OBJ"
  :translations '(("OBJ;*.*.*" "W:>scott>proj2>obj>*.*.*")))

You can automate this somewhat by putting the above in
sys:site;obj.translations, and then doing (fs:make-logical-pathname-host
'obj).  If you want this done whenever you login, you could put the
following in your lispm-init.lisp:

(unless (fs:get-logical-pathname-host 'obj nil)
  (fs:make-logical-pathname-host 'obj))