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Additional information

>Note that as recommended, I have used the NFS-AUTOMOUNT property with arguments
>the same as the arguments to automount in /etc/rc.local: "-f /etc/auto.master".
>I have also used the NFS-REMOTE-FILESYSTEM property so that it can find the
>/etc directory which is actually resident on the unix file server, fergi, and
>so is mounted by the mapping "/ fergi:/export/root/goober".  I have included
>the YP-DOMAIN-NAME and YP-DOMAIN-SERVER so that it can use NIS.  I have also
>included in my user object the entry:

I should also mention here that I do not have NFS connectivity to host fergi from
the Symbolics.  This was verboten by the Unix sysadmins for Unix sysadmin-type

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