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Additional information

    Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1992 11:01 EDT
    From: sjameson@fergie.atl.ge.com (Stephen M Jameson)

    >Note that as recommended, I have used the NFS-AUTOMOUNT property with arguments
    >the same as the arguments to automount in /etc/rc.local: "-f /etc/auto.master".
    >I have also used the NFS-REMOTE-FILESYSTEM property so that it can find the
    >/etc directory which is actually resident on the unix file server, fergi, and
    >so is mounted by the mapping "/ fergi:/export/root/goober".  I have included
    >the YP-DOMAIN-NAME and YP-DOMAIN-SERVER so that it can use NIS.  I have also
    >included in my user object the entry:

    I should also mention here that I do not have NFS connectivity to host fergi from
    the Symbolics.  This was verboten by the Unix sysadmins for Unix sysadmin-type

Then you can't use the NFS-AUTOMOUNT property the way you are, since the
Symbolics machines need to read /etc/auto.master, which is located in
fergi:/export/root/goober/etc/auto.master.  If there's an auto.master
NIS map, you can specify just "NFS-AUTOMOUNT", and it will default to
looking there instead of the file.

If you only need to access the file systems that were specifically
exported to the Lisp Machines (e.g. /home*/sjameson) then you may not
need all the NFS-AUTOMOUNT and NFS-REMOTE-FILESYSTEM stuff.  Those exist
so that the Lispm can emulate the entire file system view of the server.
If you don't need all that, the Lispm will query the server for its
exported file systems, and should be able to access those.

Try leaving out the NFS-* properties from goober's namespace entry and
see whether you can access goober:/home1/sjameson.