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Home directory problem

Thanks to miller@cs.rochester.edu for the advice on getting NFS to work with a
Unix server.  For some reason, having the Unix box conditionally export the
directories in question (only to the given set of hosts) was causing the problems.

Now I have another problem.  I am transferring the user file system on our
Symbolics cluster to said Unix server, which has changed from goober to albert
in the process.  It wants to assign user directories of the form
"albert:/jameson" and I would prefer to have it assign user directories of a
different format, such as "albert:/home/jameson" or something similar.  I know
this could be accomplished via links at the Unix end, but isn't there some way,
such as a property on the host or user namespace object, to specify the form of
home directories.  The obvious way seems to be to specify the home directory
itself as a property of the user object, and I thought this was what happened,
but it seems not to be the case.  Does anybody have any ideas on this?

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