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problem with secure subnets attribute?

   Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1992 18:41-0400
   From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>

       Date: Thu, 13 Aug 1992 14:38 EDT
       From: William D. Gooch <gooch@tijeras.sw-sw.com>

       I suspect this may have to do with subnet numbers (the "c" part of your
       internet addresses) not matching properly with chaos addresses.  See the
       section "Mapping an Internet Address into a Chaos Address" in the Symbolics
       documentation.  It explains how the high-order bits of the chaos address
       are mapped into the third field ("c" in your description) of the internet
       address.  Good luck.

   That section is just a suggestion for a useful convention to follow.  No
   software expects or assumes any relationship between Chaos and Internet

Never say "never". At least no Symbolics software seems to expect such
a relationship.  On CISCO gateways exists a (rather minimal) Chaosnet
router which states that it expects such a relationship in order to
forward chaos packets between subnets.

I learnt that when we switched half of GMD's lisp machines onto a
physical subnet last year and didn't get them to recognize their
server on the other side due to not obeying to said convention.

I'd be happy to agree that *enforcing* such a convention in a router
isn't the best thing to do.

	-- Juergen