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fat and thin strings

   Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1992 17:54+0200
   From: Vincent Keunen <nrb!keunen@relay.EU.net>

   I'd like to remove the style attributes from strings.  Is there a
   function to do that?  The problem is that (apparently), strings entered
   interactively are in another font/style/... than those from the code. 
   So I'd like to remove all style information from a string (otherwise,
   I'll have to use string-equal everywhere). 

STRING-THIN will return a string that's equivalent to the given string but
with no styles.

However, you should probably figure out why your code has literal character
styles in its strings.  You should make use of the Default-Character-Style
file attribute in the -*- line to if you want your file displayed in a
particular font, rather than putting style changes in the strings.  And for
output, use the ~<horseshoe> format control or WITH-CHARACTER-STYLE, to
change styles.