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System 7.1 and Genera 8.1.1 MacIvory ELS Update #1

    Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1993 15:36 EST
    From: Steve Lawrence <Steve@BALROG.it.drea.dnd.ca>

    Has anybody tried installing the G 8.1.1 ELS Update #1 on a Macivory
    (IIfx) running System 7.1 ?

I have done exactly this.

    I don't seem to be having any luck.  My System folder gets trashed when
    I do this.  

Could you be more specific about how the folder is trashed?

		I was hoping to be able to use System 7.1 for its bug fixes,
    not its new capabilities.  Any comments ?

    Thanks, Steve

The installation script on the Genera 8.1.1 ELS #1 floppies will install
Genera's fonts in the System file rather than the Fonts folder under
System 7.1.  The floppies which will be released with Genera 8.3 will
install the fonts in the proper place.  (The Release Notes will include
instructions on how to remote the fonts from the System file.)

  - Gary