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accepting-values pane (CLIM 1.1 Genera 8.2)

    Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 11:56 EDT
    From: "Donald H. Mitchell" <>


    We're having difficulty with accepting-values panes.  The fields blank out whenever the
    user does any activity outside the avv pane.  The presentations still appear to be there
    because the spots are still hot and the user can edit (with-blindfold-attached).  When
    the user changes a value, then that value and its prompt show back up.

    We've tried :resynchronize and :incremental-redisplay to no avail.  We're using the
    :display-function as per the documentation.  Can someone send us a working example or
    tell us a workaround?

Please reduce this to a simple failing test case.  I have never seen
this mode of failure with AVV panes.


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