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"floating windows"

   Date: Mon, 2 Nov 1992 11:33+0200
   From: Vincent Keunen <nrb!>
   Reply-To: nrb!

   I would like to open small floating windows on top of other windows and
   have them stay on top whatever happens.  Something like the Macintosh
   "windoids" that you can find in lots of apps now (claris cad,...).
   These are also called "pallettes" sometimes.

   Is there a facility to do this in clim (clim 1.1)?  I'd like my code to
   stay independent of the underlying system (I'm on a Macivory 3).  If
   there is no such facility, will it be a lot of work for me to implement
   and how should I start?

CLIM 1.1 doesn't support this, since there is not widespread support
for it from underlying window systems.  For example, under Genera it
is actually pretty difficult to interact with a window that is covered
by another one.

You could try using WINDOW-STACK-ON-TOP in you application to
continually raise the window of interest.  Also, if you found that the
native window system supported this capability (e.g. that CLX
supported some kind of window manager hint) you could try to use that
(but it wouldn't be portable).



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