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SCIGRAPH question

Allegro CL 4.1 CLIM 1.1 on SGI workstations
Has anyone else encountered errors with text styles not being fully merged?

Error: The text style #<CLIM::TEXT-STYLE NIL.NIL.NIL @ #x10ef0e1a> must be a fully merged text style

I get this error when I use "identify data point" (left mouse button on
graph point).  The errors originate from the tv.lisp file in the methods
stream-string-width and stream-line-height.  I tried a few quick things to
get around the problem (mostly testing for a fully-merged-text-style and
calling stream-current-text-style).  This has not solved the problem.  Does
anyone else out there have a solution for this one?  I have more information
(stack trace) but I don't want to clutter up the mailing list too much.

Everything else in scigraph is working well.  The compilation was one of the
smoothest I have had when importing code from another source.  Great job!  I
am impressed with the features and design of your grapher.  Thank you for
sharing it with all of us.

Marilyn Bunzo				NASA Ames Research Center			Mailstop 269-6
Sterling Software			Bldg. 269 Room 152
(415) 604-0426				Moffett Field, CA 94035


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