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Inconsistent behavior for menu-choose between mcl and lucid

I have been trying to port soem code that was initially written for
lucid and I have noticed some inconsistent behaviour. Maninly

(defun test1 ()
  (clim:menu-choose '(1 2 3) :associated-window *root*)
  (print "hello"))

Under MCL you get a "Do it" and "Cancel Button"
Under Lucid there are no buttons.

Under MCL if you click on Cancel you are thrown to the top level, so
under MCL it is possible that the print statement will not be
executed. Under Lucid you have to make a choice to continue.

Somebody suggested using #+MCL catch-cancel, but I thought there must
be a better way of doing this then spreading #+MCL's all over the

So is this a feature or a bug? Is there a good way of getting
consistent choices in menu-choose?

I looked at the clim archives but did not see this problem mentioned.
Using Clim 1.1 on both MCL and Lucid

Thanks for any help.


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